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My Wife, My Angel


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My Wife, My Angel

The Therton Legacy

A Girl and a Boy

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We Never Went


Princess Rachel's
Big Adventure

Special Susie and the Mystery of the Wooden Hut

Special Susie and the Mystery of the Missing Books


Special Susie and the Mystery of the Shy Boy

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Susie and Stephen

Find the Treasure

Fluffy Runs Away

Fluffy Stands Guard




Hi there. My name is Stephen Adams.
I recently lost Sue, my wonderful wife, to cancer. I miss her terribly.
Having gone up and down the grief ladder, I have decided that the best way to handle it is to write about her. It's my individual way of coping, my attempt to keep Sue here. It may sound very strange, but for me, it's very cathartic.

My first books were about Sue as an 8 year old. (Special Susie and the Mystery of..........)
Followed by a treasure adventure for Susie and her friend Stephen, (guess who that is)
There is also a story about a young princess that involves searching for a fairy, a mermaid, and a unicorn.

I have also produced 3 picture books. Two are about a playful puppy called Fluffy. The third is dedicated to Sue, as it lists all the places We Never Went. All 3 picture books are in rhyme.

In betweeen the above, I have managed to write 3 novels: My Wife, My Angel; The Therton Legacy; A Girl And A Boy. All three feature Sue and I in various guises. i love them!

I currently have an MG story set in WW2 that I hope will be published soon. Also another novel, slightly supernatural, about Good And Evil. And also, a picture book for children about a cute baby elephant.

It seems with Sue as my muse and inspiration, I cannot stop writing.

n.b. I've been asked why the name 'Special Susie'. Well, when Sue was at school, there were 6 or 7 other Susans in her class. The teacher gave them all nicknames, so she was never called by her correct name for years. She always looked sad at this. I used to give her a hug and say : "Don't worry darling, you'll always be My Special Susie".
And that is what I always called her. My beautiful special Susie.



MY WIFE, MY ANGEL is the first of what I hope will be a series of books about two soulmates called, not surprisingly, Susan and Stephen.

I sincerely hope many people get to read about their romantic adventures.


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